A photography teacher at Maine Media Workshops +College called me to ask if he could bring his students to my studio in Belfast for a discussion about turning professional. I always say yes to requests like these because I learn as much as the students, maybe more. And this time was no exception. The group was lively and bright and we had a very good exchange about what I do and how I have been able to make a good living working in Maine for more than 3 decades as a professional photographer.

As the meeting was finishing up the teacher Chris Pinchbeck asked me a final question

“So could you describe when you turned professional?”

I had never pondered this question before and so I hesitated some as I thought about it and then I had a realization about how I work and I answered,

“Deciding to be a professional photographer is not a one time decision. It is a daily decision. You have to decide to be the best artist, tradesman, and technician that you can possibly be every day. ”

That really is the truth.

I respect the challenges commercial photography for Maine clients presents.

We have a  3000 sq.ft. drive in heated studio large enough to shoot a truck with a plow on it and all the equipment to do the project easily and professionally.  Commercial photography problem solving is what I do. I love doing it. And the digital revolution has made it all the more fun because I actually remember having to employ reciprocity failure formulas for long exposures on E-6 process sheet films. Each new assignment is a new day filled with discovery and excitement for the challange. As with cooking, if it does not come out right I find out why and fix it so that it is right…maybe least in my eyes…and therefore…professional.

Lincolnville Beach Maine and the Islesboro Island ferryAerial real estate photo Rockport MaineFisher Engineering snow plow foil in action Camden MaineThe student body Kents Hill School Readfield MaineMichael Good SculptureThe Seal Cove Auto Museum Seal Cove MaineAboard a shrimp boat for a story on shrimping Down East MagazineAn example of full size vehicle photography in our 3000 sq. ft. drive in studio at Belfast MaineRichard Littlefield for Camden National Bank in Portland MaineWillard Carrol and Tom Wilhite