Editorial Test

In high school on the final exam for American History I wrote an essay called “The Power Of The Written Word” citing the Federalist Papers and The Constitution. Later while working at a newspaper I discovered the power of the printing press when it is delivering that message as words and photographs.

My photographer colleague and I were charged with taking the plates to Rockland for the printing of the paper every Wednesday night. I will never forget the sensation of watching 5000 copies of my photograph come screaming off of the Goss printing press. I knew right then in 1972 that editorial work would be a love for me.

It is even more so today.  Being assigned to travel cross country to meet someone for the first time to photograph is always an education. Often with only a short time to make images, finding a story telling image is the challenge. These images in this gallery are some of the results.

Michael ChitwoodNicholson BakerJohn BaldacciPhillip BarterDeborah PalmanDesmond FitzgeraldRichard EstesLois DoddEric HopkinsNancy GenthnerHusseys Hardware StoreJohn BogdanovLoraine VorraroThomas Mosher FurnitureNewman GeeSam PenningtonRay DemoulinMarvin SadikStonewall KitchensStuart BlackburnThomas SawyerMaine State Police Cyber Crimes UnitDennis PinetteFiddlehead ExpertsGillman Story on Mixed Race AdoptionLeo CannelananLew DietzRoger PeliRosco DyerSueWorm DiggersHunting CampCanada GeeseNorth Star Time exposure on the Vernal Equinox